Shark News!


            I can't believe that it is already November.  October was a busy month for us.  We started to learn about the farm: What farmers do on a farm? What animals live on a farm? And all about apples.  The children got to make applesauce from scratch and we did a taste test of 3 different type of apples to see which ones we liked.  For the month of November, we are going to continue to talk about the farm and some of the animals that we would find on a farm. We are going to taste different flavors of milk, and the graph the results, we are also going to get a chance to milk a “cow”.  We are then going to shift our focus to the other side of farm life and spend some time learning about the types of crops that farmers grow.  We are going to incorporate planting our own “crops” in the school planters as well as in a take home project.  Make sure you check the wish list at the bottom if you would like to help. We will be finishing the month off with Thanksgiving, the children are going to make pumpkin custard and we will have a classroom turkey project.  Please remember that we are CLOSED Wednesday, November 21st -Friday, November 23rd for Thanksgiving break.

            We will be continuing with group work in journals.  This month we are going to be focusing on the letters T, M, & N.  We will also be focusing on the numbers 1-5.  Our shape for the month is a square and we are continuing with our fall colors of red, yellow, orange, and are adding brown into the mix.

            It is also time to start thinking about Christmas.  Our program this year is Sunday, DECEMBER 16th at 4 p.m.  The children will need to be there at 3:45. We will be sending out a form soon to ask if you will be attending the program this year, this helps Mrs. Michelle put together the pageant with the correct number of children, as some of our parts are speaking parts.  Be on the lookout for this form in your child's go home box.

            Please make sure that your child has a jacket in their cubbies.  The weather is starting to get cooler, especially in the mornings and the late afternoons.  Remember, we do go outside each day unless it is raining.  Please check to make sure that your child has a COMPLETE change of clothes in their cubby.   Also, please make sure that you are checking the go home boxes frequently. We are doing a lot more “free” painting at the easel and the boxes are getting full faster.


We hope you all have a fabulous November.

Mrs. Michelle, Ms. Hannah, and Ms. Legacy


Planting Wish list:

2 Strawberry plants

1 Milk weed plant

4 mint plants

6 bags of soil