Shark Room News


September was a great month.  We became established in our classroom routine, we talked about what we do with our hands, and our feelings.  We spent time talking about what it means to be a good friend, and how we can be a good friend.  We had fun painting with yellow, which was our color for the month, as well as learning about triangles and working in our journals.

This month we will be traveling down to the farm.  We will be talking about the animals that live on a farm and what they do.   We will spend some time talking about Fall and apples.  We are going to do a really cool science/art project with paint, baking soda, and vinegar.  The last week we will be talking about Halloween and creating some spooky decorations for the classroom. 

Our colors of the month are Brown and Orange, our shape is a Circle, and the letters we will be working on are: F, A, P, and H.  We will be introducing the letters through songs, games, and in the children journals.  We will also be continuing with our weekly readers.  We have added more music and movement into our daily routine.  If you would like a list of the songs that we will be singing and learning this month, please ask Mrs. Michelle.

Halloween information:  We will be having a Halloween parade and carnival on Wednesday the 31st.  We will be parading around the bike yard and then having a small carnival.  Parents are welcome to come watch the parade and help set up the carnival games.  We will also be having a special Halloween snack.  Children that arrive before 9 a.m. should arrive in their clothes and bring their costumes.  Children arriving after 8 a.m. should arrive in their costumes and bring a change of clothes.  Please NO weapons or masks.  If you are unsure, please ask Ms. Lauren.

We are asking that every child bring in a SMALL WHITE PUMPKIN for an art project.  All pumpkins need to be brought in by OCTOBER 26th.  Thanks in advance.

Ms. Hannah will be out October 11th & 12th.

Mrs. Michelle will be on vacation October 22nd through November 2nd.  Mrs. Sandy will be in the class covering all the dates except November 1st.

Have a spooky month...

Mrs. Michelle, Ms. Legacy, & Ms. Hannah