June 2017 News

Happy June Everyone! It’s been a great year and we’d like to thank you all for your support and generosity throughout the year. This will be the final newsletter of the school year. Any pertinent information will be emailed or posted as necessary throughout the summer. Please pay special attention to the “Dates to Remember” on the Calendar because they cover all events and school closures for the summer.

Garden Update: The sandbox garden is coming along well. Three of the big, dull orangish posts have been painted by the children, in bright colors. We have strawberries growing in one of the pots and green beans growing in another. Over at the entrance to the bike yard, we have a miniature orange tree growing and our carrot seeds are starting to sprout.

In the upcoming weeks, we will be putting flowers in the other big pot by the door. We will also be purchasing 2 more barrel-type planters for the area. We plan to grow bell peppers in one and tomatoes in the other. The children are really enjoying watering the plants every day and checking for new growth. Especially the strawberries!

We would like to thank Caden's mom and aunt, and Clementine's grandma for donating to the garden project. Thank you to Asher's family for the strawberries, Olivia’s family for soil, George's family for the orange tree, and Hudson R.’s grandma for the soil and spray paint. We truly appreciate everyone's help in making the sandbox more cheerful and welcoming.

Thank you,

Mrs. Michelle

Summer Plans: Our summer begins on Wednesday, July 5. All children will remain in their current classes with the same teachers. The staff has planned some fun summer themes for the whole school which includes special fun days that are listed in the “Dates to Remember” below. Plans and reminders for these days will be posted on white boards and/or emailed the week before each event.

Jump Bunch: Jump Bunch will continue as scheduled in the summer time.

Sunscreen: Children should come to school with sunscreen already applied DAILY. Please bring sunscreen to be kept at school as well. Staff will reapply if needed in the late morning and/or after nap only. Please, please make time to do this each morning.

Rolie Polie News

Hello from the Rolie Polie room,

June has arrived and summer is on its way. With the weather getting warmer, we will enjoy many outside play activities focusing on gross motor skills such as running, jumping, kicking and throwing balls. Our themes this month will be Summer, the ocean and all that’s in it, and Father’s Day.

We would like to welcome Dev Kidambi to our room and say goodbye to Everly and Olive. Summer is almost here so we ask that you check the clothes in your child’s cubby to make sure they are appropriate for the weather. Please apply sunscreen to your child each morning and supply the school with sunscreen of your choice so we may re-apply as needed.

Thank you for your support in the development of your children.

Ms. Roshini, Ms. Angia, Ms. Jessica, Ms. Disna, and Ms. Indu

Bumble Bee News

Hello Parents,

June is here so let our summer projects begin! Our themes for this month are "Summer Fun,” “Sea Animals, " and “Father's Day". With these themes, we will be working on fine motor skills through activities such as painting sea shells and beach ball painting. We will also be working on gross motor skills while playing “Beach Blanket Toss” and through music and movement with “Ocean Hear and Draw,” “Five Little Fish,” “Catch a Fish” and “Slippery Fish.” We will also do sensory activities and experiments such as “Lemon test” and a salt water experiment. Also, we will be making lemonade.

We will be turning our classroom into “all things summer,” so if you have any summer or beach items that the children would enjoy please feel free to bring them in. The book we will be reading will be There's a Hole at the Bottom of the Sea. We will be creating our own hole at the bottom of sea with arts and craft sea animals and other things you would find under the sea. In the spirit of summer, we will have “Beach Towel Week” June 19-23. The children will be able to bring in a beach towel and sleep with them at nap time. June 18th is Father's Day and we will be working on a "Daddy is my whole world" craft and “My Dad is the Best Because” display.

With the hot weather approaching, we are asking parents to please apply sun block to your child before school each morning. It’s also time to check your preschooler’s cubby box and put lighter weight and extra clothing in for the warm summer weather. Please do not forget to check go-home box and lunch bags for go home notes.

We welcome our new friends Gus and Everly to the Bumble Bee room this month.

Wish list

  • 1 bag of yellow lemons by June 10
  • 1 box of Lemon drop candy for Lemon art and craft by June 10
  • 2 Bottles of Blue Hair Gel

Birthdays this month- Jaxon-9, Mason-11, Ramona-16

Happy Father’s Day to all you wonderful dads!

Ms. Brandi, Ms. Terry, Ms. Kayla

Blue Whale News


I want to thank all the parents who were able to come and spend some of the day with us for Parents Day. The children truly had a wonderful time showing you around the class and playing with you and some of their favorite school toys.

I have made some changes over the last few weeks, to help make us one large classroom instead of two separate classes. All the children’s cubbies are located at the far end of the classroom closest to the stage. The children’s go home boxes are now located closer to the door. I left what was previously the dolphin room in the white box and what was previously the shark room in the black box. The children’s names are alphabetical according to boxes. I have also created a housekeeping area with the dress up clothes and the kitchen. The children are having a great time playing in this space every day. We have one information board. It is also located on the shelf by the door. If you have any questions please let me know.

This month we are going to be focusing on science and sensory. We are going to be making 2 different types of silly putty, making our own “floam,” making slime, and playdoh. We will also be learning the parts of a flower, doing a sink or float experiment, making ice cream in a bag, and mixing colors. I am looking forward to creating these fun messy things with the kids.

We have been working on the garden outside. We are currently watering our strawberry plants and patiently waiting for our carrots to grow, as well as helping keep the orange tree watered. This month we are going to be planting some flowers and maybe some bell peppers. The children are very excited about this project and enjoy watering every day.

Please make sure that you apply sunscreen to your child before you bring them to school. We will re-apply at 11 if needed and in the afternoon. Also, if you would like your child to wear a hat or sunglasses please just bring them and put them in their cubby. Make sure that your child still has a jacket in their cubby in case the wind or fog pick-up in the afternoon, and it can get chilly especially in the bike yard.


  • 2 boxes sandwich size Ziploc bags
  • 4 boxes of Cornstarch

Thank you,

Mrs. Michelle & Ms. Mia