February 2017 Newsletter

Happy February Everyone! Valentine’s Day: If you would like to bring in Valentines for your child to pass out to friends, please bring them in with only the “from” portion filled out so they can pass them out to their friends without having to figure out names. (Example: To ______ From: Ms. Lauren). If your child does not regularly attend school on the day their class will be passing out Valentines, please speak with their teacher about accommodations for passing out their valentines or attending the party.

Please DO NOT bring candy. Stickers, pencils, tattoos and other non-candy food items are great alternatives. Class totals (including your child): Bumble Bee: 16 Dolphins: 15 Sharks: 11


  • February 20th School Closed for President’s Day
  • March 17th School Closed for Staff In-Service
  • April 14th School Closed for Staff In-Service Donation


You may donate fresh fruit if you are out and find a great deal. (Apples, oranges, melons and berries) We use plastic bags for soiled clothing and dirty diapers. We always need Lysol or Clorox wipes, unscented baby wipes and boxes of Kleenex!

Amazon.com wish list can be found here.

Items do not have to be purchased on Amazon. If you find an item elsewhere, feel free to buy it and bring it in. You may also write a check and write “wish list donation” on the memo line. St. Michael’s Children’s Center is a 501 (c) (3) and your donations are tax deductible.


Rolie Polie News

Hi Everyone! January has gone by fairly quickly, but fun February is here! We couldn’t play outside during the rainy weather, but we still had some fun inside activities such as dancing with music, art work, playing games and singing.

As you know, this month we celebrate Valentine’s Day which will be our lovely theme. We are going to teach the little ones what loving, sharing and being friendly is all about. We will be doing arts and crafts, songs, reading books, music and movement and sensory activities related to this theme.

This month we will say good bye to Kaylee as she moves to the Preschool. We wish her all the best. We are excited to welcome Sam and his family to the Rolie Polie Room.

Since the cold weather is hanging around, remember to send warm socks and jackets. Please make sure your child’s extra clothes and snack bins are filled. Be sure all items are labeled with your child’s name including clothes, containers, pouches, cups, bottles and especially bottle caps. 

Bumble Bee Room News

February is here! Along with the new month comes a new theme. This month we will be learning about shapes and Valentines. We will discuss with the children that this day is when we share our positive feelings about special people. This day also provides an opportunity to talk about the importance of sharing, giving, loving and friendship. We will also be learning about the purpose, symbols, colors and activities related to the holiday. Along with exploring the Valentine's Day holiday we will be learning about shapes and continuing colors with activities such as heart shape cookie cutter painting and color pom-pom dropping board. The books and songs for this month will be "There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose” and "The Shape Song.” Our class Valentine's Day Party will be on Tuesday, February 14 @ 9:00. We be making Valentine’s Day Smoothie and the children will exchange cards. Each child is invited to bring a valentine for each classmate. You do not need to print each friend’s name on the envelope, just write who the valentine is from. During our circle time, the children will deliver their valentines to each friend’s valentine pouch.


  • Multi Color Dry Erase Markers 2 Packs
  • Valentine's Day Stickers
  • Plastic Bags for soiled clothes and diapers
  • 1 bag of frozen strawberries by February 10
  • 1 bag of frozen raspberries by February 10
  • 1 oz. container of vanilla yogurt by February 13
  • 1 red table cloth by February 10
  • 1 light pink table cloth by February 10
  • 20 pack of plastic drinking cups by February 10
  • 15 Casual Shoe Boxes by February 6

Reminders Check Go Home Box and Lunch bags for go home notes. Please bring utensils such as spoons and forks to use for lunch. Label all lunch boxes, containers, cups, water bottles, blankets, sleep toys and clothing. Bring in bedding label on both the crib sheet and blanket. We Hope that throughout the month of February you and your family are filled with love.

Ms. Terry and Ms. Brandi

Dolphin Room News

Hello parents, This month the Dolphin class will be focusing on the concepts about Valentine’s Day. The children will learn how we share our love with others and why flowers and gifts are given to special people on this day. The children can bring in Valentines for their friends, however we are asking to be sure to put only your child's name on them. (14 children)

Also this month we will be discussing Black History to encourage the children to recognize some famous Black Americans who invented things we use. We will also enjoy doing some fun art activities related to Valentine’s Day, Black History, and President’s Day. We will explore with some fun sensory/science activities as well.

REMINDERS Please check take home boxes daily Refresh child's cubby.

Shark Room News

Hi... This month the Shark room is going to be focused on some fun Valentine projects, learning a little bit about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, and the mixing of colors to create something new. We will also continue to work on our letters, continuing with one letter a week.

The children seem to be enjoying letter days. They like working in their journals, and working on the tracing sheets and “recognizing the letter” poems. We are also going to continue working on manners and self-help skills.

We will be having a small Valentine party on the 14th. The children will get to pass out valentine's and have a special heart pancake snack. If your child is bringing valentine's please make sure that you follow the rules that I have listed below, so that there are no hurt feelings.

Valentine's Rules:

  1. Please make sure that there is a valentine for each child in the class. We have 12 kids in our class.  
  2. Please just fill out the “FROM” portion of the valentine. It makes it easier for the children to pass out it the “to” portion is blank.
  3. NO candy is allowed. If you would like to add a small “treat” to the valentine, stickers, tattoos, pencils, etc. are good options.

The weather has been a bit crazy as of late. Please make sure that your child has a jacket every day. Also, please check the cubbies at least once a week to make sure that they have a full change of clothes at all times. Looking forward to another great month.

Mrs. Michelle