November News

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Hello Everyone,

We made it through the first two months and our first major holiday! The Halloween parade, and carnival were a blast…even in the drizzle! The kids had a great time showing off their costumes. Thank you for coming and helping to make the day special.

‘Tis the season for giving: The Child & Family Development Center at Providence Saint John’s Health Center is committed to serving the diverse needs of the Greater Los Angeles Area and serves families from a variety of socioeconomic, cultural and religious backgrounds. During the holidays many of their families and children are in need of some extra support. They are having their annual gift-giving donation program and we would like to ask you to join us in making their Holidays more joyful. Their goal is to make sure that the children/families who are in need and enrolled in their Mental Health and Early Childhood Development programs have a special and blessed Holiday season. Since the children at St. Michael’s we will be talking about being thankful and what it means to give to others this month, we have chosen to “Adopt-A-Family” for the holidays from St. John’s Child and Family Development Center’s Therapeutic Preschool Program for the holidays. The family has created a wish list and we were hoping to have our families donate items to help make their holiday a bit brighter. Below is a description of the family and their wish list. If you would like to donate, please bring items to Ms. Lauren in the office by Friday, December 1st.

Family consists of 3 yr. old girl, 15-month-old boy, mom and dad. Father is the sole provider for the family and they live in a single with very little. Mother does not have resources for holiday gifts for their children as they only make enough to get by.

Family Wish List: a double stroller, toys for the children (cars, dolls, cooking toys, blocks, etc.), girl’s clothes size 5t, boy’s clothes size 18 mos., girl’s shoe size 9, boy’s shoes size 5, a blender, women’s clothes size medium, men’s clothes size small/pants size 30. Store gift cards.

If you are able, St. John’s is also accepting gift card donations for teenage clients who often go without gifts for the holidays. (Target, Best Buy, Grocery store and Visa Gift cards are all welcome) Thank you in advanced for your kindness and generosity during the holiday season.

Book Fair: We will have a book fair from Barefoot Books on Tuesday, Nov. 7 and Wednesday, Nov 8. You may have seen the vendor, Ambur Gorman, at the farmer’s markets on Thursdays. The school will earn free books based on the number of books families purchase. Each class will also have a wish list, so you can purchase books for them as well. The book fair will be set up in Yeaton Hall (church hall) from 3:30-5:30 p.m. for purchases.

Picture Day: Picture day will be Tuesday, November 28th and Wednesday, November 29th. All children will be photographed, and proofs will come home within a week. The proofs and order forms are to be sent directly to the photographer. An envelope will be provided. A list will be emailed (and posted) to let you know which day your child will be photographed. Class pictures will be taken both days. Please let us know if you would like siblings photographed together as well. Photo orders will be received before the holidays.

Christmas Program: This year’s program will be on Sunday, December 10th at 4 p.m. If your child will not be participating in the program, please let us know. The children will begin practicing the songs for the Christmas program this month, so if you hear Jingle Bells you know why.

Dates to Remember:

Nov. 7 & 8 Book Fair 3:30-5:30 pm

Nov. 22-24 (Wed-Fri) Thanksgiving holiday No School

Nov. 28 & 29 Picture Day 9:00 a.m.

December 10 Christmas Program and party 4:00 p.m.

Dec. 22-January 1 Winter Break No School


Donation Opportunities:

*Unscented baby wipes, Clorox wipes and boxes of Kleenex are always welcome. 

*Oliver’s Labels gives us 20% off label purchases. Go to and get your labels today!

Thank you to everyone who donated to the victims of the Sonoma fire. The families were very appreciative of the items, especially little Olivia. She was ecstatic to see all the clothing, books and toys she received and even got a couple of things she lost in the fire.

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Rolie Polie News

November is here, and the holiday season is upon us. After all the excitement of Halloween we are ready to enjoy more fun activities this month developing motor skills such as clapping, dancing, singing and reading books as the children have shown great interest in these activities.

The weather seems to be constantly changing. Please remember to make sure your little ones have jackets, socks and shoes for outdoor play. Please label all food containers, spoons and food items not in containers.

We would like to welcome back Ms. Disna and her baby girl Amavi this month. Ms. Roshini will be on vacation from November 9th until December 1st.

School will be closed November 22nd -November 24th.

Ms. Roshini, Ms. Angia, Ms. Disna, Ms. Indu, Ms. Jessica

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Bumble Bee News

Dear Bumble Bee Parents

It is hard to believe it that October flew by so quickly! What a fun month it has been with lots of
activities both in and out of the preschool. Last month in the classroom we were busy
with Halloween, leaves and pumpkin activities, songs and stories. The children painted with
pumpkins that were donated by parents and we cut them open to see what was inside. Of
course, the highlight of the month was when we explored fall leaves and let the children jump
on and roll in them on the carpet. Some of the children called out the colors of the leaves and
some just tried to balance them on their heads.

This month in the classroom we will be busy with all things related to Fall. This includes leaves,
pumpkins, corn and Thanksgiving activities, songs and stories. We will be displaying our art for
the month of November in the front near the sign-in sheet. Look for our harvest time theme
with a corn field, scarecrow, Thanksgiving turkeys and a thankful tree. We hope you enjoy and
like what we put together through the month of November.

Please make sure your child’s extra change of clothes are the right size and appropriate for
changing weather.

Label all items you send to school including blankets, clothing, containers, utensils, etc.

Digital Camera

Ryan November 3

Thank You,
Ms. Terry and Ms. Brandi

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Dolphin News

Hello Parents!

We made it through the month of October with tons of fall activities involving pumpkins,
leaves, apples and the fall colors of orange, brown and red. Make sure you check Go-Home box
for last month’s art projects. We ended the month with our Halloween Parade and Carnival. We
had guest appearances from Elsa, Jack Sparrow, a boxer, a few princesses and so many more.
The kids looked great!

For the month of November our theme will be “Character Counts”. The first week we learned
about ways we can show kindness, ways we can share, having good manners and responsibility.
We will also incorporate activities for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Starting this month will be the
“Acts of Kindness” Jar. Whenever someone is “caught” being kind, they will be able to place a
“Kindness Token” into the jar. When the jar is full, the class will receive a special surprise. If you
catch your child being kind at Home, please let us know so we can add to the jar. Kindness

*Please check Go-Home box
*Please check cubbies to make sure that your child has extra clothes (underwear, socks, shirts,
pants and shoes)
*Time is changing, and we may finally experience some colder weather so please make sure
your child has a jacket to wear during outside play

Thank You!
Ms. Kayla & Mr. Brandon

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Shark News


I can't believe that it is already November. October was a busy month for us. We
started to learn about the farm: What farmers do on a farm? What animals live on a farm?
What grows on a farm? and then about half way through the month, Ms. Lauren and the
teachers decided that we needed to reset the classrooms. For about a week, we scrapped all
lesson plan activities and just played together. We reminded ourselves and our children how to
play, how to talk to each other, how to share, and how to include each other in activities. It
was a good time in the Shark room. We did miss some of our favorite activities, but we also
found that we like doing some things together as a class such as playing games and doing all
together classroom art. Moving forward, we are going to incorporate more of this into our
schedule. At the end of the month, the class and I talked, and they would like to continue with
the farm for the month of November. We are going to continue to talk about some of the
animals that we would find on a farm. We are going to taste different flavors of milk, and then
graph the results. We are also going to get a chance to milk a “cow”. The children also
expressed interest in learning about chickens, so we are going to do an egg experiment and
create a classroom chicken. They are also going to get a chance to sheer a “sheep”. We are
going to spend a week talking about apples. We are going to do a cool science/art project using
baking soda, paint, and vinegar. We will also be bobbing for apples and seeing which color
apple we like the best. We are going to be continuing with our letters, the shape of the month
is a square, and the color is red and yellow together makes orange. We will be finishing the
month off with Thanksgiving.

We will be having a book fair in early November. I have created a wish list for the Shark
room. Our wish list this year is centered on activities that we like doing in the class. We do
yoga every Monday morning. We also have found that we like playing games together as a
class. I like the games this company has because they are all cooperative games. The children
must work together to achieve the goal.

SHARE DAYS will be moving to Thursdays starting November 9th. We have some
children that do not come on Fridays and I want to be fair and give everybody a chance to
participate in Share day.

Please make sure that your child has a jacket in their cubbies. The weather is starting to
get cooler, especially in the mornings and the late afternoons. Please remember we do go
outside unless it is raining. Also, please make sure that you are checking to go home boxes
once a week at the least.

Please remember that the school is closed Wednesday November 22nd, Thursday
November 23rd and Friday November 24th for Thanksgiving.
I hope you all have a fabulous November.

Mrs. Michelle